Gain the fundamental knowledge necessary for understanding your gender diverse child

You probably have a ton of questions. That's okay. We've got lots of answers!

What people are saying...

Tiffany M.

My knowledge of gender was limited before taking this course. I work with many gender diverse middle school kids and this course provided a lot of great information and has helped me understand my kids much better.

Carissa P.

My child came out about six months ago. I've done a lot of research already, but this course helped me feel less alone.

Sylvia R.

I'm in my mid 60's so this is all new to me. The material was easy to follow and my now granddaughter went through some of the lectures with me.


Shannon Knight, MS, LMHC

Shannon completed her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Clinical Psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology. Shannon founded Modern Counselor Inc - a private practice in Tampa, FL where she specializes in treating teens, adults, and couples.